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Our composite arch construction is not susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially important in humid greenhouses or in coastal environments. Our robust I-Beam arch profile allows us to tackle snow loads over 80 lbs. per square foot, and wind loads of 150 mph.

Our arches offer significantly improved thermal characteristics compared to traditional steel structures. They will not heat up and bake your greenhouse in the summer or lose your expensive heat in the winter, and they do not produce the damaging condensation common to steel greenhouses. Our design also uses insulated metal SIP panels to provide a highly insulated perimeter. These panels are designed not only for security and strength against high winds but to insulate to reduce HVAC costs.

The modular nature of the greenhouse allows it to be quickly and easily assembled and expanded as your operation requires. It can be quickly reconfigured with additional arches to allow expansion of the space with minimal cost and effort.

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