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Yield Master 5000 Rolling Benches

Ebb and Flow and Standard benches maximize your square footage and provide an ideal hydroponic grow system.

 Our Ebb and Flow bench system is designed to maximize square footage and productivity while maintaining a high level of flexibility and control.

Each tabletop moves one foot to allow access to plants while enabling all but two feet of floor space to be used for growing.

The periodic flooding and draining of the root system allows plants access to rich nutrients as well as fresh oxygen, boosting growth potential

Features & Benefits

  • Rolling tray design minimizes dead floor space.
  • Ideal for new clones and more mature plants alike.
  • Customizable lengths will match the specific needs of your grow.
  • Supports any hydration source and hydroponic grow medium.
  • Draining system prevents root rot from over-watering.
  • Maximizes plant growth by providing roots access to oxygen.
  • Supports fully automated fertigation system.
  • Optional netting support system enables easy scrogging.

Standard Table Specs

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